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Stranded between peripheries

(Mexico City
Kalamazoo Michigan

You cut the silence from my throat
and called it mercy
Black and white cinema
buried beneath hyacinths.

Where does beauty end and art begin?
My namesake surrounded your long distance drive
Through downtown Valentine before I ever met you
(Ghost towns
back roads
no freeways)

Out west is where we learned
to walk between the raindrops

Let’s put party hats on our concussions
and limp back to the birthday party
Let’s dig for teeth in the pile of smiles
There are two kinds of people in this world
And we aren’t either of them.

Stranded between peripheries
You cut the silence from my throat

1/5/15 full moon



Things are Happening

Hello friends, I am currently familiarizing myself with how to build this site to serve it’s purpose. Hopefully that purpose will reveal itself soon. This is a trial attempt at a post. Most likely to be deleted once I understand how to properly navigate the damn thing. At any rate, things are happening

site in progress…in the meantime, visit:

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